TRADE Export Manager Certification Firm

The USAID TRADE Project is calling upon locally identified training service providers in Egypt to submit offers (technical & financial) for the full development and management of the Export Managers Certification Program (EMCP). This training Program will increase export competitiveness and capabilities of delivering to international markets and create additional sustainable employment in the export management field.

Offerors are invited to submit proposals in response to this RFP. Proposals should outline how the offerors plan to implement the Export Manager Certification Program per the feasibility study conducted, and keeping the following details in mind:

The course & syllabus outline should take into consideration the market research conducted by TRADE (Attachment A) which identified the gaps and contents needs, set recommendations, and developed a work plan for selecting, developing, contracting, and/or administering an Export Management” Certificate/Program in Egypt. At a minimum, the course and syllabus outline should cover five strategic training needs:

I. Export Strategy
II. Production & Delivery Logistics
III. Export Operations Finance
IV. Exports Procedures
V. Global Value Chain

Offerors should ensure that the training program is sustainable. It is important that proposal includes a marketing strategy for this program to maintain its sustainability for at least 5-7 years on the same number of training attendees per year.

Additionally, offerors must demonstrate how they will customize training for several target categories of audience (e.g., business owners, export managers, export assistants), in addition to providing the inclusive training which includes all training modules, and how the course will be tailored to TRADE’s target sectors.


Question Deadline: Thursday August 4, 2022, 1:00 PM GMT +2

Bidder’s Conference: TBD

Submission Deadline: Thursday August 25, 2022, 10:00 AM GMT +2

Validity Period for Quotations: 6 Months

Expected Date of Award: o/a September 12, 2022



Closing date:
25 August 2022