Facilitating the launch Activity for the Small Business Capitalization Advisors’ Association - Kenya

Palladium International, LLC is the implementing contractor of the USAID funded Kenya Investment Mechanism (KIM).

Kenya Investment mechanism (KIM) seeks a consultant to assist the Small Business Capitalization Advisor’s Association (SBCAA) to organize the launch of the newly registered entity. The one-day launch activity will take place on or before May 31st, 2023. It is anticipated that the launch will include both local and international participants, who will participate both physically and virtually. The consultant will support KIM and SBCAA in planning and implementing every detail of organizing the launch, drafting & dispatch of invitations, selection, and design of the venue, drafting, and socialization of agenda, organization of media coverage, event management, and advice on having both a virtual and on-location event, running concurrently. The consultant shall liaise with the other consultants supporting the SBCAA and align activities that are tied to the SBCAA launch.

Please see attached: Full Request for Proposal, Field/217738/Services/FLASBCAA -2023 for more information.



Closing date:
20 March 2023