Formalization of Strategic Alliances for Sustainable Tourism - Mexico

The USAID SURGES Project will foster sustainable economic opportunities, promote investment, and generate sales and jobs in south-southeast Mexico. SURGES will be implemented using a primarily facilitative and catalytic approach, which limits direct interventions with beneficiaries and instead works through local actors across the market system to achieve its objectives. During its first year, SURGES will work on sustainable tourism and other productive market systems. Through strategic alliances with market actors, SURGES will incentivize enterprising service providers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to meet market demand by expanding their channels, upgrading their service offerings, deploying climate-friendly practices, and differentiating their products. The Offeror will support SURGES to deepen its understanding of market constraints, map a diverse set of market actors, and exploring their interest in co-investing in inclusive business models. Strategic partnerships may include market actors interested in co-investing in new business models’ proofs of concept, or multiple actors (including business associations, subject-matter experts, market actors) interested in proposing policy reforms to strengthen the business environment or incentivize climate change mitigation.



Closing date:
30 January 2023