HP+ Guatemala: Improving WASH Systems in the Naranjo River Basin

Guatemala is one of the most irrigated countries, with large, freshwater deposits and fifty-two major rivers in six watersheds and 38 basins, that comprise 23 lakes as well and 120 lagoons. Rainfall is optimal and the proximity of Oceans Atlantic and Pacific also contributes to an abundance of water supply. However, most of the water bodies are polluted by untreated waste waters, impacting in the health, nutrition and food security of the most vulnerable populations.

Since 2018, Guatemala embarked on a process of decentralization of central powers to municipalities and associations of municipalities (mancomunidades). HEP+ has provided technical assistance to this process, which created the opportunity of coordinating efforts with municipalities in the Naranjo River Basin, located in San Marcos, in the Western Highlands where most of the population is descendant from the First Nations. The municipalities in the Naranjo River Basin have made large strides toward an improved governance in water and sanitation. However, there are still some areas where coordinated work is needed to improve local, departmental and national level guidelines, procedures and resources for WASH, and making this sustainable by seeking delegation of powers in ensuring water quality for San Marcoans.

Health and Education Policy Plus calls civil society organizations to submit technical and financial proposals that allow:

  • Providing training, mentoring and supervision to municipal WASH offices (OMAS, in Spanish) to manage the water and sanitation systems according to standard operating procedures (SOP);
  • Developing an online Knowledge Base, gathering all the laws, policies, regulations regarding the management of WASH systems, along with different types, sizes and technologies for water, solid waste and waste water projects;
  • Providing manuals and training to OMAS in implementing community and municipal surveillance of the piped and stream water, and conduct second-level analysis of the water quality;
  • Provide assistance to municipalities in formulating WASH projects to apply to CODEDES funding, in compliance with SEGEPLAN regulations and requisites.


  • Experience in providing assistance to municipalities in implementing integrated management of safe water provision, appropriate collection, treatment and final disposition of solid waste, developing rain and sanitary sewage and waste water treatment plants;.
  • Experience in training WASH offices in municipalities, specifically in matters related to financing, managing and supervising WASH systems;
  • A team of experts with excellent credentials, recognition and appreciation by the municipalities in the Naranjo River Basin, as well as in central government institutions such as MSPAS, CONADUR, SCEP among other.
  • Ability to deliver plans, reports, deliverables, and outcomes within deadlines.

Guidelines for submission of proposal:
Interested parties should send inquiries to Suzette Higueros (Suzette.Higueros@thepalladiumgroup.com) with
(1) technical proposal including:

  • Letter of interest
  • Bidder’s previous competence and performance
  • Technical approach
  • Outcomes, deliverables, activities and verification means
  • Timeline
  • Staff and roles
  • Copy of document that proves its corporate status
  • Certificate of legal representation
  • Tax ID

(2) financial proposal with rates in U.S. dollars or Guatemalan quetzals including:

  • Budget
  • Description of budget items

Please forward your tender in accordance with details for submission attached by January 8, 2021, 6:00 PM EST to Suzette.Higueros@thepalladiumgroup.com.



Closing date:
25 January 2021