Hermetic Storage Technology Scaling Initiative

The Feed the Future East Africa Market Systems Activity is designed to promote increased agricultural production, trade, improved policies, finance and investment, and resilience to shocks and stresses in the East Africa region by addressing agricultural issues that can only be solved on a regional basis. The Activity is organized under four objectives: 1) Strengthening cross-border agricultural market systems, 2) Accessing and scaling technologies, 3) Strengthening regional resilience, and 4) Strengthening the regional agriculture policy and regulatory environment.

Under Objective 2, the Activity supports the identification, commercialization, and scaled-up adoption of transformative agricultural technologies and distribution systems that have the greatest potential to impact the market system and increase intraregional trade. To do this, the Activity engages private sector partners including agro-dealers, technology providers, and other value chain actors to diffuse select technologies.

The Activity requests applications for its grants program to provide up to $20,000 for East African non-governmental organizations, especially agro-dealers, that currently distribute or seek to expand the distribution of hermetic storage technology solutions in one or more of the focus countries – Rwanda, Uganda, and/or Zambia.

Please find attached an overview to the initiative and instructions on requesting the full Request for Application (RFA).


Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia

Closing date:
17 December 2021