Buyers of ‘Third Wave’ Coffee in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, USA

The USAID / Guatemala Creating Economic Opportunities (CEO) Project supports economic growth, private sector development, competitiveness, and job creation in Guatemala. One objective of the CEO Project is to strengthen the private sector as an engine of growth to reduce poverty, improve living conditions, and create sustainable economic opportunities for Guatemalans.

The Project contributes to improving business practices through actions that increase its competitiveness and generate more sales and jobs. The Project, through the Business Competitiveness Improvement Component, seeks to approach companies that are prepared to take advantage of specialized assistance.

For this, the Project has signed a Letter of Understanding with the company MI GUATE SELECT for the execution of a project called: "Strengthening the value chain of production and commercialization of differentiated coffees to third wave markets".

Mi Guate Select specializes in gold coffee commercialization for roasters in Michigan. The company works with small producers from whom they purchase coffee production, namely dry and wet processing of EcoCoffee that they export to roasters in Michigan.

The company provides its customers with third wave (differentiated) coffee; this market is not only concerned with the supply chain (the second wave), but in addition to having a higher quality coffee, knowing where and how it is produced. For this, the company offers technical assistance to producers through 5 contracted field technicians who ensure the coffee produced meets the requirements established by customers and obtains a minimum score of 84 points by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in cupping certification.

The overarching objective of this subcontract is to identify potential buyers of third wave coffee in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. In addition, the subcontractor will provide a proposal of the ten best companies identified from the study with the greatest potential for doing business, trajectory, brand positioning, and sustainability to start business relationships in the short term and will conduct visits to each of the companies identified.


  • Develop a research strategy and work methodology to identify the companies with the potential to purchase third wave coffee
  • Present the companies identified as potential buyers
  • Rank 10 best companies with the greatest potential for doing business, trajectory, brand positioning and sustainability to start commercial relationships, as well as conduct field visits to each
  • Prepare and present final report of research conducted and recommendations in digital and written version

Please present the following legal documents in simple copy:

  • For individual consultant: Social Security Number
  • For company: Employer Identifier Number (EIN)
  • Any contract that benefits from this Request for Proposal will be funded by USAID and be subject to US Government and USAID regulations. All goods and services offered in response to this RFP must be governed by USAID Geographic Code 937. The cooperating country for this RFP is Guatemala.

United States - remote

Closing date:
22 January 2022