Investment and Policy Advisory Support

Palladium International, LLC is the implementing contractor of the USAID funded Kenya Investment Mechanism (KIM).

KIM leads policy reform efforts focused on removing barriers inhibiting large-scale investments and therefore unlocking capital. Essential to the success of mobilizing capital is determining policy and regulatory impediments within the business enabling environment that limit an investor’s willingness to invest, and creating solutions (e.g., policy/regulatory amendments) that give investors greater confidence. Kenya Investment Mechanism previously engaged the eight Prosper Counties in an Investment Review that identified each of the county’s top three investment opportunities. The review also included a high-level assessment of county and private sector investment readiness and prioritized enabling environment barriers that may be restricting investments.

This Request for Proposal is seeking the services of a firm to build on the results of the Prosper County Investment Review and mentor the remaining four of the eight counties (Mombasa, Kiambu, Kisumu and Kisii) into a greater position of investment readiness. The objective is to build an investment strategy and funding proposal for a viable and priority investment opportunity (identified jointly with the county) that could close in fewer than nine (9) months. The investment opportunities identified will serve as an anchor activity for county officials to build investment facilitation knowledge and sustainable capacity for future investment. Furthermore, an identified investment provides a practical learning platform to conduct private sector stakeholder engagements and policy/regulatory reforms (if required).



Closing date:
29 November 2021