Irrigation Services for Bester Furrow Scheme

USAID/Malawi’s Agriculture Diversification Project (AgDiv) is seeking a firm to complete land preparation activities including the completion of:

  • Bush clearing – small trees/shrubs along the proposed and existing drainage lines to be cleared
  • Removal of existing canal rubble - push old canal rubble to the side of the scheme or to the edge of the individual drip fields
  • Land Preparation – from initial deep ripping through to ridging
  • Drains – new grader drains to be cut to grade
  • Roads – construction of new field roads, unsurfaced.

The Bester furrow scheme consists of several 0.5ha drip fields making up a single contiguous block. The irrigation will be supplied by a pumpstation located along the main supply drain on the west of the scheme. Figure 1 and Figure 2 below show the overall layouts of the development area with and without background imagery respectively.

All fields within this scheme, will require full land preparation, drainage and road works under this contract.

Proposals should be submitted via email to by 9AM Eastern Standard Time on Monday September 13, 2021 and be clearly marked with a subject line: “Field/217707/RCF Irrigation Services/Firm Fixed Price Contract-2021/1”. Ensure all required documents are attached.



Closing date:
13 September 2021