Office Space Rental - Botswana

The purpose of this RFQ is to solicit quotations/proposals from qualified vendors in Botswana to provide office space rental in Gaborone, Botswana.

Office Space rental specifications:

Area: Space offered for rent must be in the range of 150 m2 ‐ 200 m2 Workspace should be enough for min. 8 office rooms, 2 meeting rooms and a storage room

Space Location: The office space should be located close to the Gaborone government enclave particularly Ministry of Health headquarters – within radius of 1 km.

Type of Space: Space must be refurbished/readily available as an office: please indicate the floor. In case of a 1st floor location please confirm existence of security items – e.g. metal barred windows, metal doors, etc.

Number and Type of Rooms: Office space must contain minimum of 8 rooms working space plus 2 meeting rooms and a kitchen.

  • The meeting rooms should be fit for sitting minimum 15 person and 8 person respectively. Space must have minimum 2 independent bathroom units. The space should be in good condition e.g. newly renovated and should not require repairs.

Insulation and Lighting: Rooms should be well lighted and should not have insulation problems.

Air Conditioning and Heating: Air conditioning and heating of the office space should be provided.

Water and Sewerage System: Water and sewerage network must be functioning properly.

Utilities Expenses: There must be no debt on utility services at the time of renting.

Space entry and Basic Security System: Space must have separate/ independent entry that shall not be in use of any other individuals. Security door is required.

Parking Space: Parking for at least 10 vehicles is a must.

Emergency Exits: There should be emergency exits in the building and the office space.

Security measures: The space should have security measures such as CCTVs etc.

Furniture: Installed kitchen cabinets and sink is a must

Offerors shall send their quotations no later than September 25, 2023, by 4pm Botswana time. The quotations should be sent to Neo Palai at


Gaborone, Botswana

Closing date:
25 September 2023