Online Mentoring Support for an HR Project and Development of Competencies of HR Consultants - Remote

Scope of Work and Standards

1. TRAINING PROCESS REQUIREMENTS (legal, informational, qualification framework):
The provider should:

  • have highly qualified instructors and trainers specializing in the HR system.
  • have the tools and equipment to provide training and mentoring via the internet.
  • each course participant must be provided with appropriate training course handouts.
  • at the end of the course, to acknowledge the effectiveness of the training course, each participant should be tested and receive a certificate of course completion from the Supplier’s educational institution.
  • The course format is online – distance learning and mentoring, including lectures, practical tasks, and individual work.
  • Online mentoring should be held in video conference format. The customer should have a right to keep records of the course.

Courses language: Russian.

Development of competencies of HR consultants

Main course objectives:

  • Supporting HR projects to ensure maximum results in the client companies
  • Increasing the company's consultants’ competence in the development and implementation of HR systems in client companies

The course program should include the following:

  • Assessment of a client's potential: values and principles of owners and management of a company and their reflection in the HR policy of the company;
  • Selection and training of an HR specialist for a client company.
  • Company strategy and objectives, their cascading to the level of departments and positions;
  • The main document – the company’s human resource policy describing the relationship between the employer and employees.
  • Development of a business model and business process flow. An organizational chart that reflects the functions, results, and performance indicators for each unit;
  • Formation of staffing and job descriptions
  • Development of a system of competencies and KPI;
  • Staff recruitment: formation of a vacancy, description of a vacancy, assessment of supply and demand in the labor market, search for candidates, selection methods;
  • Development of a personnel adaptation system and a system for evaluating the work performed.
  • Development and implementation of a remuneration system and a benefits package;
  • Development and implementation of a competency development system: mentoring, internal and external training, training assessment, remuneration of mentors, and development of a training program;
  • Termination of employment relations: causes and process.
  • Project planning, ensuring involvement from the client side, implementing changes, resolving conflict situations, reducing resistance, motivating and awakening "sleeping" inactive clients;
  • Corporate culture, its articulation, documentation, and use to achieve the company's goals.
  • Evaluation of a consulting project in the field of HR and development of relationships with a client.


Closing date:
26 January 2023