Research Institution to Implement Data Collection for Activity-Based Costing and Management of HIV Services

Palladium is seeking a Mozambican research institution to implement data collection for Health Policy Plus (HP+), a USAID-funded project. The mission of the HP+ project is to strengthen and advance health policy priorities in the areas of family planning and reproductive health, HIV, and maternal health at global, country, and subnational levels.

The research institution will implement data collection for an Activity Based Costing and Management (ABC/M) study for HIV. The main objective for the ABC/M study is to have routine cost information to provide select HIV services at above-site, facility, and community levels, and use information to effectively allocate resources, improve monitoring efforts, and increase efficiency. The research is designed to calculate unit costs for delivery of HIV services using a Time-driven Activity Based Costing approach at the facility level, expenditure and output analysis approach at the community level, and an allocative approach for above-site costs.


  • Institutional Experience:

Research institution must be registered in Mozambique.

Previous institutional experience and demonstrated success in Mozambique in the design planning, and administration of research, preferably for large-scale HIV costing exercises in the last 5 years. The successful Firm will be able to ensure the collection of high-quality data using rigorous methods and upholding standards for ethical research.

Strong relationships and extensive experience working with Ministry of Health, PEPFAR Mozambique, and USAID implementing partners.

  • Institutional Capability:

Ability of key staff proposed to be mobilized and deployed quickly and efficiently.

Availability of qualified staff to complete pre-data collection preparations including training as soon as the contract is finalized and to appropriate manage and oversee work.

  • Technical Approach:

Demonstrated ability to meet tight operational and timing specifications similar to those required for this costing exercise, including providing access to tablets and other equipment for data collection if necessary.

Demonstrated ability to identify and select a pool of qualified research associates, team supervisors, and project leaders within a short time frame and capacity to plan logistics for simultaneous data collection in multiple locations.

Demonstrated ability to train research associates and supervisors, and to mobilize and maintain personnel at the selected study sites for required periods, including ability to simultaneously manage multiple teams in multiple geographic locations in the field.

Demonstrated ability to successfully monitor and assure quality of field work including completion and transfer of data files.

Demonstrated ability to comprehensively clean data, provide a useable analytic dataset and produce a high-quality, comprehensive dataset codebook.

  • Price:

Reasonable and cost-effective quote.

Guidelines for submission of proposal:
Interested parties should send inquiries to Nada Mustafa ( with

TECHNICAL PROPOSAL: The technical proposal is the written description of the project for which you are applying. Please ensure the following is included for a maximum of 15 total pages:

  • Organizational Information: Include the organization’s name, address and contact information. Include copy of registration (outside of 15-page maximum limit)
  • Experience conducting similar work in Mozambique: Include specific examples of the work completed in the last 5 years, including size and scope. Quotes may include examples of reports or discussion guides developed for other projects as an Annex (outside of the 15-page maximum limit).
  • Methodological Approach: Include information on specific components proposed and how the firm will address the technical requirements noted in the scope. Identify portions of the work to be subcontracted.
  • Implementation Plan: This should specify plans for recruitment of researchers, creation of research protocol/questionnaires/guides, oversight, data collection, and training.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  • Staffing: Identify the key individuals who will be in charge of the project, their role, and amount of time to be spent on project. Include CVs of key staff as an annex; CVs are not included in 15-page limit.
  • References of at least 2 other firms, including e-mail contact
  • Timeline in format below (outside of 15-page maximum limit).

Please forward your tender in accordance with details for submission attached by November 6, 2020, 5:00 PM EST to



Closing date:
6 November 2020