SME Access to Ecommerce Consultancy

The Alliance for eTrade Development II (Alliance II) is a Global Development Alliance (GDA), a public-private initiative supported by USAID and resource partners DHL, UPS, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Etsy, Element, Ringer One Africa Media, the Latin American eCommerce Institute, and Cargill. The GDA aims to utilize ecommerce tools, also referred as “digital trade”, to expand Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) trade and further inclusive growth in developing countries. The GDA will implement activities in five thematic workstreams: (1) policy and enabling environment, (2) skills development, (3) trade facilitation and logistics, (4) access to finance and digital payment, and (5) inclusive trade. The GDA’s approach includes piloting different programs using sophisticated technologies, expertise, analytical techniques, and market-led approaches to come together in a holistic solution, targeting the main bottlenecks to ecommerce development around the world.

The Alliance is seeking a firm to support DHL Sri Lanka’s efforts to expand access to ecommerce (A2E) through building capacity of SMEs and increasing key ecommerce information flow about ecommerce and exports for SMEs. The A2E team will work directly with Alliance partner DHL (including local DHL staff in Sri Lanka, and the DHL Asia Regional GoTrade Manager) to conduct a rapid needs-assessment of Sri Lankan MSMEs; design and implement a 12-month SME engagement strategy and work plan in conjunction with DHL Sri Lanka based on results of the assessment; and develop training modules and other materials to supplement DHL’s standard GoTrade training curriculum. The scope will be conducted in a two-phase process. The first phase under this contract will be a firm-fixed price contract subject to deliverables. The second phase is dependent on the successful implementation under the first phase and must be exercised as an option by Palladium as aFirm Fixed Price Contract.

Tasks and suggested timeline are as follows:

Phase 1 [approximately 3 months]:
A. Conduct a rapid needs assessment of target SMEs
B. Develop 12-month Work Plan in conjunction with DHL Sri Lanka

Phase 2 [approximately 12 months]:
A. Implementation of the 12-month Work Plan
B. Conduct ecommerce workshops and trainings with SMEs, business associations, and other interested stakeholders
C. Support dissemination of feedback/learning surveys
D. Support sustainability efforts and handoff of curriculum to local DHL officeE.


Sri Lanka

Closing date:
30 November 2021