SME Access to Ecommerce Consultancy -Philippines

The Alliance is seeking a firm or consultant(s) to support DHL Philippines’ efforts to expand access to ecommerce (A2E) through partnering with Philippine ecosystem players and ecommerce experts to deliver targeted SME capacity building assistance. The A2E consultant team will work directly with Alliance partner DHL (including local DHL staff in the Philippines, and the DHL Asia Regional GoTrade Manager) to conduct a rapid needs-assessment of Philippine B2B and B2C MSMEs to learn more about the broad demands for e-commerce training in the Philippines. The sample should include SMEs within a range of e-commerce development including:

  • “Local Heros”—SMEs with a product with budding or moderate potential for crossborder trade, subject to product development who are selling/marketing product in traditional, non-digital settings. Some may be in the informal sector,
  • “Kickstarters”—SMEs selling products with budding to high potential for cross border trade, have done some market research, are selling on social media and digital marketplaces, are passively maintaining websites
  • “Rising Stars”—SMEs whose product(s) are prime for cross-border trade, have well defined brands and well-defined target markets, are actively selling on a website, have a presence on multiple e-commerce platforms and are using digital marketing strategies

The consultant should present specific training or technical assistance needs for each of these segments.

The consultant team will also do a deeper dive in specific regions and sectors that can illustrate the current challenges that export-ready and/or e-commerce ready SMEs are currently facing. The contractor will also consider how these needs map to current (DHL Philippines-supported) and future (DHL Global GoTrade) programs and training curricula. Drawing on this assessment, the consultant team will design and implement a 12-month SME Engagement Strategy with DHL that may include activities ranging from a one-on-one mentoring program, coordinating with other ecosystem player SME programs, and structuring a workshop series which will incorporate the DHL GoTrade curriculum as appropriate.

The scope will be conducted in two-phases. The first phase will be a firm-fixed price contract subject to successful acceptance of deliverables. The second phase depends on the successful implementation of Phase One and may be exercised as an option as either a Time and Materials or Firm Fixed Price Contract.

In Phase 1, the A2E Consultant or Firm will conduct an initial assessment within and outside of DHL Philippines’ network and assess key needs and areas of growth for export-ready Philippines B2C and B2B MSMEs, in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, and rural areas.

DHL Philippines anticipates a focus on the following regions/sectors:

  • North (Bulacan)—potential products include jewellery, leather crafts, fashion accessories, garments and local delicacies
  • South (Liliw, Cavite, Bicol)—sectors include footwear, coffee, local delicacies, abaca products
  • Western Visayas (Iloilo, Bacolod, Dumaguete)—potential products include local fibers, handicrafts, local delicacies
  • Mindanao (Zamboanga, Dipolog, Iligan, et al)—products include Yakan weaves, brass and bronzeware, agricultural products

The consultant team will draw on this assessment to provide recommendations on an initial program design and resourcing needs for a twelve-month engagement strategy, which will be developed in conjunction with DHL in a co-creation workshop.

Phase 2 will depend on DHL Philippines’ and Palladium’s team needs and may be exercised as an option. Under Phase 2, the consultant/firm may be called upon to lead implementation of the 12-month engagement strategy. As part of this plan, the consultant/firm will coordinate closely with DHL Philippines and Palladium to develop training materials and content; organize and lead workshops, trainings, and networking sessions; and spearhead other activities as approved in the final 12-month strategy. Under this phase, the A2E consultant/firm will also coordinate with DHL to incorporate the DHL GoTrade curriculum into existing Philippines MSME engagement programming, as appropriate.



Closing date:
2 May 2022