Software and Data Visualisation Development

The HEP+ Project develops several solutions some of which are transactional systems, analytics, data integration, M2M, dashboards, etc. In addition to providing technical support in quality assurance processes for information products, training for technology personnel and end users, technical assistance for investigation, development and implementation of Open Source or On-Premise, cloud or service solution licensing platforms.

To carry out technical assistance activities, HEP+ requires analysing, designing, documenting, and developing solutions and elements of information systems. HEP+ is looking to hire an independent company or consultant to provide these services.

Objective of the Consultancy
Build components related to information systems requested by the project according to the needs identified by the technical team.

HEP+ Guatemala will assess each submission based on Selection Panel Report and selection will be based on compliance with this request, the ability to meet the requirements as specified, and the overall value for money.

Guidelines for proposal submission:
Interested parties should send inquiries to

• Questions or clarifications: Until September 7, 2021.
• Answer to questions or clarifications: September 8, 2021:
• Receipt Period for proposals: September 17, 2021.



Closing date:
17 September 2021