Supply and Installation of Water Supply Infrastructure for Proposed New Drip Irrigation Blocks - Malawi

The Feed the Future Malawi Ag Diversification Activity (AgDiv) contributes to USAID/Malawi’s Feed the Future goal of sustainably reducing poverty and malnutrition in either district of Central and Southern Malawi: Mchinji, Dedza, Ntcheu, Balaka, Machinga, Mangochi, Lilongwe rural, and Blantyre rural. AgDiv fosters inclusive and sustainable growth in Malawi’s agriculture sector, enhances resilience to climate change, empowers women, and improves the nutritional status of women and children, while simultaneously increasing the competitiveness of marketable, nutrient-rich value chains through support for agricultural enterprises and increased access to markets and finance. AgDiv is a central component of USAID/Malawi’s integrated, multi-sectoral approach to improving Malawians’ quality of life.

Instruction to Bidders
The Safari Irrigation Project is being implemented in the Mulanje District approximately 20km East Mulanje town between the Lujeri and Eastern Produce Tea Estates. The project is being funded by the USAID through the AGDIV project in partnership with the Sukumbizi Association Trust and Lujeri Tea. The projects intention is to supply pressurised piped water to several small-holder farming communities in the project area for irrigation. The water will be abstracted from the Mluzi River from an elevation above the development area allowing for a pressurise gravity fed network.

The project’s overall objective is to facilitate the eventual development of drip irrigation by providing pressurised water via hydrant riser offtake points/valves located strategically throughout the proposed irrigation areas. The designed water supply network will be capable of eventually servicing a net irrigation area of around 45 ha spread throughout the greater project area.

Despite the ultimate goal of converting the blocks to drip irrigation, this request only covers the water supply/conveyance systems up to the abovementioned hydrants. The supply and installation of any infield drip equipment downstream of the hydrants (such as laterals and dripperlines) is not included in the scope described below.

The contracted bidder shall be responsible for the sourcing and supply of certain equipment which can be sourced locally (or regionally) as well as the complete installation and commissioning of all the following water supply components:

  • 1) River offtake headworks (supply and install)
  • 2) Supply pipeline from offtake to the edge of scheme (install and supply PVC pipes only)
  • 3) Drip filtration station (install only)
  • 4) Main conveyance pipe networks and hydrants (install and supply PVC pipes only)
  • 5) River pipeline crossings (supply and install)

Site Visit
A site inspection is mandatory for all tenderers prior to pricing the Works. The Tenderer shall be deemed to have examined the site and have obtained all necessary information as to the scope and extent of the Works on submission of the completed Tender document. The site visit is specifically required for the following reasons:

  • 1. For the contractor to familiarise themselves with the undulating topological conditions, soils, and population density within the greater project area. This should help the bidder understand any potential site limitations for machinery and general accessibility
  • 2. To see the proposed offtake to understand fully the construction steps and to undertake any measurements required for costing, construction, and fabrication
  • 3. To see the proposed river crossing sites to fully understand the requirements before pricing

The proposed site visit window will be between 19th April – 30th April. On receipt of this request the bidders should let the Engineer know when they can be available to do the site visit.

Description of Goods/Services
The operations described in the attached document shall provide for the design and supply of certain equipment, delivery, installation, commissioning, and testing for all the following activities:

  • 1. River offtake headworks including concrete weir complete with steel scour gate, steel pipework, stilling chambers and trash screens to supply an adequate flow of water to the reticulation systems
  • 2. Supply pipeline from the offtake headworks to the drip filtration unit at the top of the block, including all associated civil requirements
  • 3. Drip filtration/head control bay complete with secure housing
  • 4. Distribution pipelines from filtration unit to the fields including all associated hydrants, pressure control systems, steel river pipeline crossings and associated civil structures
  • 5. Community water supply/ wash bays at 3 locations within the scheme

No infield drip works are included in this scope.

Note: much of the equipment required for the reticulation systems will be free supplied and therefore, other than for the supply of pipes (PVC and steel) and few other items/materials pertaining to additional civil structures, parts of the contract can be considered as installation only.

Anticipated Delivery
It is the intention to commence installation by July 2022. It is expected that all irrigation systems should be commissioned and handed over to the beneficiaries by the end of September 2022.

Place of Performance
The activities to be performed under this contract will take place in Mulanje District
Information to be Submitted with Bid

  • 1. Technical and financial proposal including
  • 2. Project programme (including resources) from contract award up until project commissioning

Enquiries Regarding RFQ Documents
All administrative enquiries must be directed to: - Callum Saunders & Jeremy Venable,

Technical enquiries must be directed to the Engineer: - Murray Matthews -

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Procurement Integrity and Ethics
It is Palladium’s Policy that no gifts of any kind and of any value be exchanged between vendors/contractors and Palladium personnel. Discovery of the same will be grounds for disqualification of the vendor/contractor from participation in any Palladium’s procurements and may result in disciplinary actions against Palladium personnel involved in such discovered transactions.

UPDATE: Submission extended till 14th May 2022


Mulanje District, Malawi

Closing date:
14 May 2022