Support for MBHTE TQM for Curriculum Delivery Systems

Education Pathways to Peace in Mindanao (Pathways) is a Philippines-Australia partnership supporting quality inclusive kindergarten to grade 3 education for all children in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

The program focuses on early years education as the foundation for life-long learning and development. By engaging and collaborating with a wide range of education stakeholders, promoting peace through education reform, and addressing inequity and disparity in education delivery, the program also contributes to peacebuilding in the region.

Delivered through the Bangsamoro Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education, activities are directed towards strengthening education policies and institutions, ensuring accessible and Inclusive Education for all children, providing an integrated education system and curriculum, and improving teacher quality and development.

The Services Required
The service provider will co-implement MBHTE’s quality framework and process improvement methodology in selected schools and regional offices. Specific technical assistance will focus on the following areas:

Competency-building & Communication for Change: Trial the process improvement methodology of the MBHTE quality management system in small groups of participants from the region (Basic and Madrasah Education), schools division office (SDO) and selected schools (2-3 schools per SDO). Systematically document the applications and create the learning and teaching modules in different platforms together with communication packages. Implement communication events to promote the methodology and its application.

Structure strengthening & system analysis: Enhance the office charters and update or create the job descriptions of functions related to improved processes. Conduct context analysis, process mapping and structure analysis on processes and functions related to teacher supply chain for basic and madrasah education and provide recommended improvements for the next phase of assistance.

Project continuity and sustainability of results: Assist counterpart offices at the region and SDO levels to create a continuity workplan to expand the application of the MBHTE process improvement and quality applications in all sub-systems and processes involved in curriculum delivery. The service providers together with MBHTE counterparts must be able to identify important TA areas for the next annual plan of Pathways and MBHTE.

This assignment will be implemented in the regional office of the two MBHTE directorates (Basic Education and Madrasah Education), the 12 schools division offices (SDOs) and two-three schools in each SDO. Selection of schools will be done together with advisers from concerned thematic areas and the MBHTE regional and SDO counterparts.

The tender requirements are specified in the tender documents and forms that can be downloaded on this page.

All interested suppliers or companies should submit the tender forms to the following e-mail address:

Any enquiries that tenderers may have must be in writing and directed to the dedicated email address no later than 10 November 2021. The closing date of this tender is on 17 November 2021 17:00 Close of Business Philippine Time. Non-confirming Tender may be rejected.


Cotabato City, BARMM, Philippines

Closing date:
17 November 2021