Support for Youth Champions Policy Advocacy Training

As part of the Health Policy Plus (HP+) project, Palladium is supporting the development of a blended learning package around policy advocacy for youth champions. Over 200 young people from West Africa are anticipated to participate in the training with an additional opportunity to utilize an English version of the course throughout the wider continent.

The focus of this request for proposal is to support implementation of a policy advocacy training aimed at enhancing youth advocates advancing family planning, human rights, and justice work throughout francophone West Africa. The training highlights the importance of young people as champions of supportive policies that protect family planning processes.

Objective: Contractor 1 will work with HP+ to develop and deliver the online version of the HP+ Youth Champions policy advocacy training to the francophone, West African context.

Activity 1 – Online component development: The supplier will be required to develop the online component of the HP+ Youth Champions policy advocacy blended learning package. Interactive elements should include the opportunity for live events, hosting of relevant resources and hyperlinks to existing course content, participant profiles and gamification.

Activity 2 – Component testing: After the complete course has been built, test all aspects of the course from the user’s perspective. Testing should address:

  • Content accuracy
  • Content display
  • Internal and external inks
  • Functionality of various features, e.g. pre- and post-tests, learning modules, interactive features

Activity 3 – Finalize and launch component: Debrief with Palladium regarding the findings from the component testing and modify the component accordingly. Provide written guidance and orient HP+ staff on care and maintenance, including how to refine content as needed in addition to hosting live events for the course. Launch the component on the supplier’s platform with select access per USAID & HP+ guidance. Provide offline version to Palladium where applicable.

Proposals should be submitted to HP+ through Ricardo Silva at by no later than Monday, 28th April 2021, 18h00 EST. Each submission package, containing the technical applications, project budget and reference materials must be sent in one email submission with clearly marking in the subject line as follows: COMPANY NAME: “Proposal Title”.



1. Adaptation and Duration of the Course Content:
The course content has been developed and will be adapted by the HP+ team. The HP+ team will work closely with the candidate to transfer the adapted content to the LMS. The course is 6 days, which will be spread out over 6 weeks in a reverse classroom approach.

2. Please affirm what the specific scope is?
The applicant will be responsible for A) Designing a LMS platform to host the training. B) Work in collaboration with the HP+ team to transfer the content to the platform. C) Host the training on their platform for no less than 6 months on their platform to ensure access by participants. D) Assist HP+ team to host live and recorded events on the established platform.

3. Is there a need to translate the content into French?
The course will be in French. The navigation of the LMS should be able to work in French, including navigation buttons, etc. Having both English and French would be ideal. The course content adapted by HP+ will have already been translated prior to loading onto the course.

4. What is the number of participants and for how long will the course last?
We anticipate that the course will reach between 100-200 youth advocates from throughout Francophone West Africa. They will develop an online network, via the platform and need to have access to the course and associated materials for 6 months following the course to complete their final projects.

5. Will the training be organized in French? Does this require French language skills on our team?
The training will be organized in French. As such, having French language skills is ideal, but not required. Completion of the course will require a review of the course content by our communications team, which will include a staff member with French language capability. Ideally, if there is a way to have interoperability between French and English- this would be ideal as there may one day be the opportunity to expand the training beyond Francophone West Africa.


West Africa

Closing date:
30 April 2021