Systems Research and Analysis Services to support Fund Start-up in Tunisia

Challenge Fund for Youth Employment – Systems Research and Analysis Services to support Fund Start-up in Tunisia

Background Summary
Palladium is a global business which undertakes the management of international development projects throughout the world. It operates through different corporate entities in the various regions in which it conducts its business. The tender is in relation to the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment where the Company is contracted by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sustainable Economic Development Department (DDE) (the Client) to manage the fund. The aim of the Challenge Fund is to improve economic prospects - via decent work and income - for up to 200,000 young men and women in the Middle East, North Africa, Sahel, and the Horn of Africa. The Client has entered into the contract with Palladium Europe BV which is registered in The Netherlands.

Objective of Assignment
CFYE will be launching its fourth Challenge Call in 6 countries, including Tunisia. Since the late 1990s, the youth unemployment rate in Tunisia has been around 30%. After the Arab Spring, youth unemployment rates were driven to historically high numbers. However, the revolution can only partly explain the rising trend, with structural constraints also playing a major role. Unemployment in Tunisia is a complex issue influenced by many political, economic, and cultural factors, exacerbated by on-going Covid-19 pandemic uncovering deep systemic issues within the economic, social, health, and political systems.

To unpack the underlying causes of the governance and market failures that lead to youth unemployment, it is vital to analyze and understand how the key actors are operating within the context. This analysis will need to focus on how their behaviours, capabilities, opportunities and motivations contribute to the situation, and what systemic interventions can be introduced to address the challenges of youth unemployment.

This assignment aims to not just conduct a systemic analysis of youth unemployment in Tunisia but the service provider will also be expected to work closely with the CFYE team to co-formulate the challenge call in Tunisia that will serve as a basis for launching the call for solutions. Given the strategic importance of Tunisia in CFYE’s portfolio as well as concerted efforts by The Client to take a systems approach across the board, it is pertinent to mention that this assignment will also entail close collaboration and engagement with the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Closing date:
13 September 2021