Training of Trainers (TOT) "Methodology of conducting Soft and Business skills trainings" - Turkmenistan

Scope of Work and Standards

1. Requirements for the Training Process (legal, information, qualification framework):
The provider is required to:

  • ­Be a local company specializing in management consulting and conducting “Soft & business skills” training;
  • ­Have experience and specialization in staff training and development;
  • ­Have sufficient information and methodological resources to conduct ToT training;
  • ­Complete the work within the established deadlines per the requirements of the present technical assignment;
  • ­Prepare the training program that will help participants receive new and systematize existing information about the profession of the business trainer;
  • ­Develop training programs upon the customers' request, form the basis for high-quality work of a trainer and individual coaching style by selecting and developing exercises for training, and getting feedback from participants through practicing training tools.

2. Requirements for Qualification, Technology, Training Format:

  • ­TOT training must be conducted by a qualified trainer with at least 2 years of proven experience in organizing/conducting trainings and developing training guidelines;
  • ­The training of participants should be focused on increasing competencies and strengthening skills in designing and conducting trainings;
  • ­Each training participant should be provided with appropriate training and methodological material;
  • ­At the end of the training, to assess the effectiveness, each participant will prepare and present a certification work - the basic program of their own training, and will receive a certificate from the Provider;
  • ­The training format is offline; mini-lectures, special interactive exercises, practical tasks, and individual work.
  • ­Language of the training for trainers: Russian.

The purpose of the training: to acquaint participants with the diagnostics of customer's business processes for the selection of appropriate training themes and preparation of the training program, as well as with the main methodological tools of conducting trainings.

The training should include the following blocks:

  • ­Peculiarities of the trainer profession. Qualities and skills of training, setting the emphasis. self-assessment;
  • ­Development of project goals and objectives for their training;
  • ­The Kolb cycle in the preparation of the training program;
  • ­Program blocks. Distribution of time in the training program;
  • ­Non-verbal behavior of the trainer;
  • ­Voice work. Trainer's speech
  • ­Providing dynamics in training;
  • ­Balance of information and theory in training;
  • ­Work of the trainer with the group;
  • ­Improvisations of the trainer;
  • ­The difference in conducting Soft and Business skills trainings.

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Closing date:
26 January 2023