Video production for industry awareness information

The Pacific Labour Facility (PLF) has been established to facilitate the expansion of labour mobility from the Pacific to Australia and support both the SWP and PLS.

The Pacific Labour Facility is seeking quotes from video production agencies adequately skilled to develop a set of 6 sector specific videos for Pacific islands and Timorese candidates interested in joining the Australian Government’s Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) and Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP).

The videos aim to show the range of roles in each sector and prepare workers for the realities of working and living in Australia.

The PLF seeks to contract a video production agency to produce a set of 6 high-quality short videos that demonstrate the range of roles in each of the following sectors.

  • 1. Horticulture (hot and cold climates)
  • 2. Aged care
  • 3. Disability services
  • 4. Aquaculture
  • 5. Meat processing
  • 6. Hospitality and tourism

The aim of the videos is to show candidates considering joining the PLS or SWP the reality of working in Australia. The videos should not glorify the work but help to set realistic expectations of working and living in Australia.



Closing date:
29 October 2021