A Call to Action to Invest in Health and Accelerate Economic Recovery in Latin America
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    English description (please note the webinar will be held in Spanish):

    Please join Palladium and the Global Fund for a webinar featuring a call to action to invest in health, protect the progress against HIV, TB and malaria, achieve COVID-19 epidemic control, and foster economic growth. The case for increasing investments in health and mobilizing domestic resources to achieve universal health coverage in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region has never been stronger. Government intervention is critical to ensuring the health and prosperity of a country’s population. A healthy population itself is a precondition for and an outcome of sustainable development and strengthening the health sector through targeted investments is a core strategy to ensure economic growth across all sectors. Increasing the resources allocated to health should not be seen as an expense, but as an essential investment in the country's most important resource: its human capital. In many countries health investments do not match health needs or GDP levels. The speakers will present the current convergence of epidemics in the Latin American region and will present arguments and evidence of the positive impact of health investments not only on health, but also in the overall economic development.

  • Speakers

    Daniel Cotlear
    Technical Director, Health Systems. Palladium, Washington DC.

    Ricardo Valladares-Cardona
    Health Sector Reform Manager.  Palladium Guatemala.

    Carlos Avila
    Director, Financing of Health Services. Palladium, London, England.

    Giulia Perrone
    Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean.  Global Fund, Geneva, Switzerland.

    Sergio Torres-Rueda
    Researcher in Health Economics. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, England.



17 Nov
9 - 10am