Kaplan-Norton Strategy Execution Boot Camp: Positive Impact and the Execution Premium Process
  • About

    The week-long Strategy Execution Boot Camp provides a deep dive into Palladium’s Execution Premium Process (XPP) model and Positive Impact approaches, arming you with the necessary knowledge, tools, and foundations needed to help your organization realize results.  

    This course gives an overview of all the topics a person needs to know to develop and execute a winning strategy from the basics of strategy design to the governance of a robust strategy execution approach. Concepts range from the basic (e.g., conducting a SWOT analysis) to the advanced (e.g., scenario planning for stress-testing strategy) and from time-tested (e.g., Balanced Scorecard) to the innovative (e.g., ecosystem strategy). There is plenty of insight to be found in this exclusive course for anyone involved in setting or executing strategy.

    Taught by experienced consultants, this class relies on a mix of (1) theory to ground delegates in relevant principles, (2) examples that help delegates think critically about concept application, and (3) exercises to allow delegates to practice using and adapting key tools. Our faculty can readily share anecdotes for virtually any topic from their own set of practical experiences. The Kaplan-Norton Strategy Execution Boot Camp is the only training course endorsed by Drs. Kaplan and Norton, co-creators of the Balanced Scorecard and on Harvard Business Publishing’s list of top business thinkers of our time.

    Outcomes include:

    • A clear knowledge of the necessary components of effective strategy execution
    • Ability to integrate sustainability into corporate strategy
    • Templates and high-level processes
    • Familiarity with a curriculum spanning hundreds of slides that can be leveraged as the basis for educating your organization
    • Preparedness for taking the exam to become a Certified Graduate
    • Stronger network of relationships with other strategy-minded professionals


    Email certification@thepalladiumgroup.com to request a brochure, ask questions, or for more details.

  • Speakers

    David McMillan
    Director, Strategy Execution, Americas
    Senior Manager, Natural Resources Facilities Hub

    David has been helping organizations define and execute their strategies for more than sixteen years. He leads Palladium’s Strategy Execution offerings within Palladium’s Americas region from both a training and implementation perspective. In this role, he supports clients in the maintenance of a clear strategy, communication of the strategy throughout the organization, evolving corporate governance, and partnering with HR to integrate strategy into personnel management practices.

    As a member of Palladium’s Natural Resource Facilities Hub, he is working with global corporations to accelerate and improve their approach to social performance, particularly in low- and middle-income communities. Projects include leveraging ecosystem thinking to identify market-supported opportunities for inclusive growth in which stakeholders across the value chain truly benefit.

    Over the last decade, he has worked with dozens of organizations – corporate, government, and non-profit – to implement and use the Execution Premium Process, enhance initiative management practices, develop internal communication disciplines, and build multi-stakeholder strategies. His client success stories include three organizations that have been admitted to the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy® (Millipore, Federal Bureau of Investigation, CHRISTUS Health). David graduated from Wharton’s undergraduate business program at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Agenda

    Session One:
       • Introduction: Positive Impact and the XPP
       • Leadership for Strategy Execution
       • Stage 1: Develop the Strategy
    Session Two:
       • Stage 1: Develop the Strategy
    Session Three:
       • Stage 2: Translate the Strategy (the Balanced Scorecard)
    Session Four:
       • Stage 2: Translate the Strategy
       • Stage X: Execute
    Session Five:
       • Stage 5: Monitor and Learn
       • Inclusive Growth
    Session Six:
       • Inclusive Growth
       • Stage 3: Align the Organization
    Session Seven:
       • Stage 3: Align the Organization
    Session Eight:
       • Stage 4: Plan Operations
    Session Nine:
       • Risk Management
    Session Ten:
       • Stage 6: Test and Adapt
       • Office of Strategy Management
    Session Eleven:
       • Conclusion and certification information

  • Registration Fees

    Register for $3,995
    Ask about group rates!

    All prices are in USD and paid by wire transfer.  Palladium reserves the right to restrict participation in the Certification Program and Boot Camp to ensure the intent, integrity, and quality of the program.  Palladium also reserves the right to digitally record all virtual sessions for use internally and by course participants with unavoidable conflicts.

    Cancellation Policy – Payment is due at the time of registration. Course registration can be cancelled in writing up to a month before the start date of the course originally registered for and will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee. Transfers to a future course must also be in writing and are subject to a 10% service fee (if received prior to one month before the course start date) or 20% service fee (if received between one month and one week before the start date). Transfers are unlimited for one year after the date of the course initially registered for, but will not be allowed after one year. Within a week of the start date, cancellations and transfers are not allowed. You may make substitutions at any time; please notify us in writing as soon as possible.

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18 Oct - 3 Nov
9:00AM - 1:00PM Eastern Time
$3,995 USD