English Language Short Course for Person with Disability in Australia

Palladium is seeking a provider to deliver English language short courses for people with disability in Australia for up to 5 participants. This is part of the Australia Awards Timor-Leste program. Details of the course are provided in the tender document (see Section 4 – Scope of Services) and should be read in conjunction with the Program’s Short Course Provider Handbook.

The short course program will be conducted fully in Australia and will follow an existing English Language Course from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia, or an Australian tertiary institution. The selected contractor will deliver up to 15 weeks of English Language short courses. The program will have at least 20 hours of face to face contact hours per week (Monday- Friday).

Registration of intent to submit a tender must be sent to procurement@australiaawardstl.org by 5.00pm local time in Adelaide, Thursday 29 February 2024. *Note: Only registered Tenderers will receive any addenda to the RFT.

Tenders must be submitted to procurement@australiaawardstl.org by 5.00pm local time in Adelaide, Friday, 15 March 2024.

Please go to Contact Us – Australia Awards Timor-Leste for full details and procurement documentation.

Tender Document

AATL Short Course Provider Handbook

Financial Proposal

Agreement to Provide Service Template



Closing date:
29 February 2024