Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid

When disaster strikes, no less is required that the immediate deployment of highly organised, lifesaving humanitarian relief. As an expert provider to governments and non-governmental organisations, we’ve developed remarkable in-house and trusted agency capabilities for the delivery of large-scale humanitarian emergency and reconstruction logistics solutions from our suppliers to the final mile.

Palladium's humanitarian logistics services ensure that the right people get the aid they need, in the immediate aftermath of a crisis and in the ensuing weeks, based on the ever-changing situational and environmental context. We maintain warehouses of emergency response supplies and a roster of logistics staff for rapid deployment wherever they need to go. Our systems are attuned to provide full accountability and tracking of aid through the humanitarian supply chain to the beneficiary.


  • Emergency aid supply chain coordination
  • Warehousing and stock consolidation
  • Load planning and distribution
  • Procurement from pre-qualified suppliers
  • Medical evacuation and medical staff sourcing
  • Government and agency liaison
  • Post-disaster logistics support
  • Reconstruction
Our People
Rhys Morris
Sinead Magill
Lucy Dickinson
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