Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based Solutions

Our vision is a world where nature and ecosystems are transformed into a healthy state, and markets are reoriented to value natural capital and incentivise its long-term restoration. We do this by designing different models to restore and protect nature at scale across temperate and tropical landscapes. We incubate business models to capture and harness the natural capital they create though restoration, whilst generating value from ecosystem services. These models help to re-establish healthy ecosystems as well as create green jobs and equal benefits for the people and communities living in these landscapes.

We work with investors, companies, and land managers who share our goal to contribute to the fight against climate change and restore nature at scale. We offer companies the opportunity to contribute to net zero goals and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments through the purchase of carbon, biodiversity, water services, and other credits. We create investment opportunities for public and private finance to help seed fund and scale up initiatives whilst delivering financial, environmental, and social impact. We design and apply data tools to track, analyse, and demonstrate the impact that our partners have helped to create.

Our Solutions
  • Designing Projects
  • Unlocking Carbon Finance
  • Valuing Nature

We believe that there is huge potential for the private sector to help close the financing gap for nature restoration but a key barrier is the lack of an investable pipeline of projects. We support project developers around the world to turn their conservation ambitions into investible business models. Our expert team map, design, and support the scale-up of innovative regenerative business models across temperate and tropical regions. We use a combination of world-class project development expertise and concessional capital to nurture business models to the point of being able to attract private investment.

Our Facilities

To find out more about our UK and Global work, visit our joint venture facilities.

Our People
Jose Maria Ortiz
Eduardo Tugendhat
Bernadette Howlett
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