Economic Growth

Economic Growth

A competitive, vibrant private sector reduces poverty, creates employment, and increases access to important goods and services.

We work with entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, governments, and non-government groups to improve private sector competitiveness, boost trade, and investment flows, enhance market and business performance, and create conditions for pro-poor, sustainable growth. We strive to reform economic policy, improve economic governance, and strengthen the business environment. Our work with all stakeholders in the market system empowers households and communities to fully benefit from economic opportunities as entrepreneurs, suppliers, consumers, and employees.

Our Solutions
  • Trade and Investment
  • Market Development
  • Agriculture and Food Security

Palladium specializes in mobilising and facilitating international flows of goods, services, and capital around the world. We understand market dynamics, and work to re-align incentives to forge new relationships among actors and spotlight opportunities for shared value creation.

We help integrate producers in developing countries into global value chains that give them access to foreign investment and technology, high-quality inputs, training, and market awareness, and export earnings. Working with in-country service providers, we help producers understand market tastes and meet technical standards. To foster regional economic integration, we support government and private sector efforts to reduce barriers to imports and exports, and implement regional trade programs that harmonize processes and regulations among countries.

We champion innovative ways to unlock and mobilise capital to stimulate and sustain inclusive growth in emerging economies. We have the know-how to identify, package, and present viable opportunities to investors with the potential to address development challenges. Palladium has developed deal pipelines, business advisory consultant networks, and innovative financing mechanisms that have catalysed over a billion dollars’ worth of new investment for enterprises of all sizes throughout Africa, Latin America, and Europe. By incentivising locally led sourcing, structuring, and closing of deals through pay-for-performance methodologies, we create sustainable market systems that enable firms to access capital and grow.

Our People
Eduardo Tugendhat
Jose Maria Ortiz
Kristen Turra