Global Health

Global Health

Economic growth, social stability, and quality of life all depend on the well-being of a nation’s citizens. When children are healthy, they can learn. When parents are healthy, they can meet their family’s needs. Healthy families and communities invest in themselves and their futures. Utilising Palladium’s Positive Impact approach, our teams strengthen health systems to design, develop, deploy, and sustain health interventions that are person-centred and provider-accessible, improve health and overall well-being, and deliver more value at a reduced overall cost.

By working with local government and community leaders, the private sector, health workforce, international development partners, and other key stakeholders, Palladium’s experts apply unique user-centred approaches that address the global health challenges of the day, including infectious disease threats, climate change, and under-resourced health systems. Palladium improves primary health systems and supply chains; strengthens health information systems; provides an evidence base for health policy and governance reform; improves human resources planning, management, and oversight; and addresses stewardship and financing challenges that create barriers to social protection.

Palladium’s focus is on creating resilient and sustainable health systems that are flexible and responsive to emerging economic and health shocks and stressors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. Our health expertise cuts across a range of related technical areas, including population and primary health; family planning and reproductive health; maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health; high-burden infectious diseases, including HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, COVID-19, and malaria; nutrition; and water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Our Solutions
  • Primary Health Care
  • Health Systems and Service Delivery
  • Health Policy, Financing, and Governance
  • Integrated Health Security
  • Localisation, Capacity strengthening, and sustainability
  • Information Systems and Data Management

Palladium strengthens local partners and communities to take a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to improving primary health care. We support the whole health system by addressing issues ranging from health management and governance to developing and implementing evidence-based, responsive policies that govern quality service delivery. We increase efficiency and resource allocation, advance data-informed decision-making, and strengthen capacity from the Ministry of Health to the clinic for improved service delivery, financial management, and leadership. Our support extends to community health workers and community-based organizations for community-led monitoring and advocacy. In addition, we support actors in the health system to conduct health labour market analyses, promote intersectoral collaboration, and enhance working conditions.

Our People
Clint Cavanaugh
Suneeta Sharma
Abdullah Alnabhan