National Food Safety Authority Certificate System Development - Egypt

Palladium's Trade Reform and Development in Egypt (TRADE) project is developing and implementing a a comprehensive Electronic Certificate System, which includes Exporting Health Certificate. This system aims to enhance national food safety authority (NFSA) practices by providing a secure and efficient platform for issuing and managing certificates.

This system will enable NFSA staff to issue, exchange, and validate certificates electronically, domestically and internationally, to ensure the accuracy of these certificates and prevent any instances of falsification, which will bring forth enhanced operational efficiency, heightened precision, fortified data integrity, improved regulatory adherence, and significant time savings.

The primary objective of the system is to establish an electronic platform dedicated to facilitating essential actions mandated by the NFSA while ensuring the secure storage of sensitive information. The aim is to enable the issuance of certificates upon successful completion of the required procedures.

Within this platform, food facilities will have the capability to meticulously record consignment data and electronically submit specific documents at various stages of the process. To ensure a well-structured workflow, the system will incorporate a role-based hierarchy, assigning distinct user privileges based on their respective roles, whether they pertain to food facilities or NFSA personnel.

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Closing date:
31 March 2024