Suppliers of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers - Ghana

Palladium is the implementing contractor of the USAID funded Ghana Mobilizing Finance in Agriculture (MFA).

This partnership is intended to increase productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers in these districts, located in the Feed the Future Zone of Influence (ZOI), through improved availability of quality, affordable fertilizer tailored to their needs. The partners will develop innovative distribution models to improve farmer access and training to build farmer knowledge on proper fertilizer use. Financial solutions will be tested to improve affordability. Lessons learned will inform scaling efforts.

The goal is to improve smallholder productivity and incomes following setbacks suffered from the pandemic and the challenging economic environment by ensuring continued access to fertilizer, a critical agricultural input. Partnerships are expected to extend significant fertilizer credit and financing to smallholder farmers and agribusinesses across target regions.

Please see attached: Full Request for Application, Palladium – Fertilizer Innovation Partnership Project (FIPP).



Closing date:
5 February 2024