Unlocking Agriculture Finance for Small Borrowers - Ghana

Palladium International, LLC is the implementing contractor of the USAID funded Ghana Mobilizing Finance in Agriculture (MFA).

The purpose of this Innovative Partnership Announcement is to solicit applications from interested parties wishing to receive technical assistance and funding from the Feed the Future Ghana Mobilizing Finance in Agriculture (MFA) Activity.

Palladium is implementing a program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Palladium is seeking interested parties to participate in the formation of innovative partnerships to uncover new business models that significantly expand inclusive financing to underserved actors in the agribusiness space, especially smallholders, microentrepreneurs, and base of the pyramid (BOP) populations seeking under $10,000 in financing at appropriate terms. These partnerships will be between commercial firms and other actors, which may include but not limited to anchor buyers, corporate entities, financial institutions (FIs), large-scale agricultural investors, technology firms, digital/mobile money platforms, agricultural alliances, smallholders, and micro-entrepreneurs. Palladium will provide technical assistance to structure these partnerships, help identify potential partners and structure financing solutions, provide co-funding and oversee the implementation of these new ways to lend at scale to the underserved customer base profitably.

Please see attached: Full Request for Application, Palladium – Innovative Partnership Announcement: Unlocking Agricultural Finance for Small Borrowers in Ghana



Closing date:
31 March 2024