U.S. Health

U.S. Health

Palladium applies longstanding real-world experience working with communities, health systems, and governments to address public health challenges and support the improved well-being of people living in the U.S.

Palladium leverages people and projects across thirty-one states, Washington, DC, and 90 countries, and translates nearly 60 years of experience reducing health inequities and performance gaps to catalyze greater equity in U.S. healthcare.

Our commitment to racial equity is unwavering – we know that communities of color experience higher rates of morbidity and mortality across multiple health conditions in the U.S., and that systemic change is required to address these disparities and inequities. We meaningfully engage with communities to center their lived experiences and work collaboratively to advance our shared goals. We also understand the continuous interplay between individuals; cultural contexts; social, economic, and political structures; history; and our own biases.

With our global experience in health policy, we understand what makes the U.S. perspective unique and we consciously honor different outlooks and amplify unheard voices to shape the way we think, work, and continue learning. We are honored to partner with passionate, like-minded organizations to enhance healthcare quality and accessibility for all people.

Our Solutions
  • Research & Evaluation
  • Data Analytics
  • Technical Assistance & Training
  • Program Management & Implementation

We help clients gain the insights they need to improve programs and shape policy and practice. We approach research and evaluation through a lens of diversity and inclusion, keeping racial equity central to the process. Our capabilities span:

  • Quantitative studies – including household and facility surveys, Experimental and Quasi-Experimental design, and Qualitative Comparative Analysis
  • Qualitative studies – including lived experience, community voices, and complexity-aware methods
  • Feasibility studies and landscape analyses
  • Needs assessments and formative and descriptive research
  • Implementation Science/Operations Research and Process Evaluation
  • Economic evaluation – including costing programs, activities, and scale-up, cost-benefit analysis, and value for money
  • Program monitoring and evaluation, and impact evaluation




Addressing Racial Inequities in Maternal Health
Promoting Holistic Care through HIV Distress Screening​
Evaluating Pima County’s COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout​

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Our People
Farley Cleghorn
Hanna Tessema
Chinwoke Isiguzo
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