About Strategy Execution
Strategy execution is the discipline of dynamically managing and implementing strategy to achieve intended outcomes.

A well designed strategy is not sufficient nor is effective project management.

Palladium partnered with Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton to develop the Palladium Execution Premium Process™ (XPP). This process is a collection of practices useful to any organisation that desires to formulate a winning strategy and implement it successfully. Palladium has differentiated expertise in some practices (e.g., Balanced Scorecard) and not others (e.g., incentive compensation). What is invaluable about our articulation of strategy execution is that it thoughtfully organises proven practices into a system that is comprehensive, universally applicable, and adaptable to each organisation’s context.

In our view, strategy execution should involve leadership, strategy development and testing, Balanced Scorecard, alignment of the organisation and workforce, linking strategy and operational planning, project management, monitoring and evaluation, risk management, and accountability.