Industry:Agriculture Forestry Fishing and Hunting
Announcement Excerpt:

With over $2.5B (USD) in revenue, Agrosuper is the largest white meat producer in Chile. A Balanced Scorecard-based strategy management approach was instituted in earnest in 2012 as a tool to aid in expanding effectively beyond Chile and into the global meat market. In the four years preceeding its application for the award, Agrosuper realised various industry-leading results. Revenue increased by 99% while EBITDA increased 261%. The organisation went from being the 7th highest rated supermarket supplier to being the top rated supplier. Various key productivity measures also improved including a 10% increase in the number of kilograms of meat produced per work hour. Further, Agrosuper has increased its Great Places to Work® score to be within the range of scores earned by the top 50 companies in Chile.