Bahrain Electricity & Water Authority
Announcement Excerpt:

One of the largest and best run government agencies in Bahrain, the Electricity & Water Authority provides these critical services to nearly one million people. EWA’s 3,500 employees in 17 locations live a customer-centric culture, allocate resources effectively, and focus on performance and results. Revenue is up 22% in 2 years, while production costs have fallen by an average of 18%. Spare water capacity is up 50%, spare electricity capacity up 81%. Customer service is also up, water quality improved, employee productivity increased. An Office of Strategy Management provides a center of excellence to manage by strategic theme. “The roadmap towards excellence has become a reality thanks to the Balanced Scorecard,” says Dr. Abdulmajeed Ali Alawadhi, Chief Executive. “With a clear vision, well articulated implementation, successful alignment, and motivated employees, our success will be sustainable.” The EWA is the first Bahraini organization to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.