Bahrain Ministry of Works
Announcement Excerpt:

The Ministry of Works, Kingdom of Bahrain is responsible for this island country’s infrastructure and capital asset formation. It is a driving force in realizing Bahrain’s national strategy embodied in Vision 2030 which seeks social, economic, and democratic transformation. The Ministry’s leadership commitment, employee awareness, and governance to link strategy to operations are exemplary. In one year on-budget projects increased from 23% to 86%, and in four years the projects' value increased 10 fold with basically the same number of staff. The Ministry’s reputation in the press went from one of the bottom three to one of the top three Bahraini ministries. “The Balanced Scorecard system has been instrumental in driving outstanding and quantifiable performance improvements across the Ministry,” says Minister Fahmi Bin Al-Jowder. “Our strategic learning has become a core organizational capability that is driving further breakthrough performance.” For the Ministry, it’s not the strategy but the execution that counts.