BancoEstado Microempresas
Industry:Finance and Insurance
Announcement Excerpt:

BancoEstado Microempresas (BEME) is the Latin American banking sector leader in micro lending and financial services. Based in Chile, this public bank was established to provide financing for micro entrepreneurs with limited access to financial markets. The bank—ranked one of the top five places to work in Chile—has made significant contributions to human and social development and quality of life for Chileans. In the past four years, BEME has increased the number of customers to 310,000 (up 245%), grown loans to USD$670M (up 445%), strengthened employee engagement (up 12%), reduced operating costs (down 10%), and more than doubled its profits. “The adoption of the BSC philosophy of management has allowed us to align the entire organization, impact the strategy, and improve our value to and the quality of life of our customers,” says Soledad Ovando, CEO. “Most of all, it has made the people who collaborate with us to proud of what they do on a daily basis.”