Busan Metropolitan City
Industry:Public Administration
Country:South Korea
Announcement Excerpt:

Busan Metropolitan City is the largest port city in South Korea and the country’s second largest metropolis, and the center of automotive and ship building. With an annual budget of $9 billion and local GNP of $48 billion, the city’s 16,000 workers provide comprehensive public services to 3.64 million people. The desire to link strategy to performance and improve citizens’ satisfaction with public services led to the BSC’s adoption in 2006. An Office of Strategy Management was established to manage performance on a continual basis through ten strategic themes. In three years local exports increased from 5.1% to 25.6%, financial benefits-per-citizen rose from $1,411 to $1,884, and response rates to citizens’ issues improved from 81% to 88%. “The BSC has brought sweeping innovation to the way we manage, clarify, and communicate our strategy, and link it to performance and pay” says Mayor Nam-sik Hur. "Top management can view the organization as a whole, while maximizing customer satisfaction.”