City Government of Balanga
Industry:Public Administration
Announcement Excerpt:

The City of Balanga, capital of Bataan province in the Philippines, is comprised of 25 barangays and home to nearly 100,000 citizens. In 2007 the city was struggling; the business community was small, city revenues were low, young people were leaving for opportunities elsewhere, citizens were disengaged, and the city’s workforce focused narrowly on their job descriptions. In less than a decade the city has reinvented itself. The number of registered businesses has more than doubled while the gross sales of those businesses has ballooned to 529% of 2007 levels. As part of the strategy to become an education hub, the number of students coming to Balanga from outside the Bataan province has quadrupled and the number of government scholars has grown by 90%. The city has generated more than 268 million Philippine Pesos in public private partnership investments, which beyond the actual investments has had a positive effect on driving greater community engagement.