Financial Group Life
Industry:Finance and Insurance
Announcement Excerpt:

Financial Group Life, a Moscow-based financial services company, is an innovator in retail banking products. In four years, assets grew 329%, to $2.1B, and operating income more than sixfold, to $184M. With strategy formulated at the top and executed from the bottom by all employees, FGL has made strategy everyone's job, enjoying growth rates exceeding the overall market. “The BSC is much more than just a goal-setting and measurement device—it's a common language and even an element of our corporate culture,” says Sergey Leontiev, FGL President and CEO. “This has led to better decision making, putting the emphasis on long-term strategy objectives—the key to a more robust, sustainable, and differentiated business model.” FGL represents another first for its country, as the first Russian company to be named to the BSC Hall of Fame.