Industry:Health Care and Social Assistance
Announcement Excerpt:

Folkhälsan is a non-governmental organization providing social welfare and healthcare services in the Swedish-language regions of Finland. This NGO has 1,500 employees serving 17,000 people through outpatient clinics, day care centers, rehabilitation units, and elderly care facilities. Known for the quality of its care, it has leading programs in preventive medicine and genetics research. Increasing competition from lower cost providers, however, caused Folkhälsan to reassess how they could continue to provide competence, commitment, and care at levels their members had come to expect. They needed a new way to manage, and in 2004 adopted the BSC to clarify strategy, drive performance, and optimize data. They have learned to excel at reporting, which has improved their ability to make timely decisions. Membership growth is up 10%, revenues have increased 20%, and great-place-to-work rankings and employee trust scores have improved four basis points. “Our growth has not been achieved at the expense of quality,” says Stefan Mutanen, Folkhälsan CEO. “Our management system helps up pay attention to what’s really important, align our business lines and operating units, and—with the help of the strategy map and BSC compass, identify and improve the critical steps and processes necessary to achieve our vision.” As a result, Folkhälsan is two steps ahead.