Grupo Acir
Announcement Excerpt:

Grupo Acir has been the most innovative radio broadcasting group in Mexico for nearly a half century, and one of the most important broadcasters in Latin America. Some 175 Grupo Acir radio stations and web sites reach more than 20 countries, and the company’s partnership with Clear Channel Communications (the world’s largest broadcasting company) has enabled it to stay on the cutting edge in programming, promotion, and technology. Once reliant on political advertising as a major (but volatile) source of revenue, the company shifted to a new business model based on high value customers. The result? In 2008 ad revenue jumped 37%, and EBIDTA nearly doubled up 47%, and rate increases and market share gain delivered nearly 10% growth, five points above the industry average. Grupo Acir has adopted Balanced Scorecards throughout the enterprise, including for its board of directors and for each member of the executive management team. “In a heavily regulated and competitive industry, our strategy management system extends from the boardroom to the control room, transforming our objectives into reality,” says Don Francisco Ibarra López, chairman and founder. Adds CEO Jose Antonio Ibarra Fariña, “The Balanced Scorecard has created synergies between business units and shared services, eliminating silos and placing our focus squarely on strategy execution.” It has also led to better decision making. For this broadcaster, becoming a strategy-focused organization has created air waves of success.