Iloilo City
Industry:Public Administration
Announcement Excerpt:

Iloilo City, a major center of the arts, culture, and sports, topped a survey by MoneySense Magazine as one of the "Best Place to Live in the Philippines." The Institute for Solidarity in Asia, an advocacy organization for good governance, partnered with the city in using the BSC to help improve public accountability and promote responsible citizenship and economic and social development. Since its adoption, citizen satisfaction has risen 15%, manufacturing capitalization has expanded fourfold, and National Achievement Test results in the city's public schools are up 20%. “The BSC has enabled us to clearly communicate strategy and align our workforce through a common language and shared objectives, measures, targets, and initiatives,” said Mayor Jerry TreÅ„as. “The process has helped make our city vibrant, well-governed, and prosperous, establishing a roadmap for Iloilo to achieve even more as a Premier City by 2015.”