Korea Customs Service
Industry:Public Administration
Country:South Korea
Announcement Excerpt:

The Korean Customs Service (KCS) adopted the Kaplan-Norton strategy management system in 2005 to more effectively allocate human and financial resources and drive organizational performance. KCS sought to clarify strategy, bolster performance, and optimize data to make better decisions. It also integrated the BSC framework with Six Sigma quality improvement approaches and the Experience Co-Creation customer experience methodology. In three years, KCS's revenue collection jumped 60%, the confiscation of illegal drugs grew 122%, and the percentage of employees who clearly understand the authority's strategy and their contribution to its execution skyrocketed from 31% to 94%. “Going forward, we should focus not only on the performance of KCS as an organization,” notes Deputy Commissioner Sohn Byung-Jo, “but rather on how our performance impacts our nation and its citizenry.”