Industry:Health Care and Social Assistance
Announcement Excerpt:

Megasalud is Chile’s largest medical and dental outpatient clinic system. Its vision is to be the medical and dental healthcare provider of preference, distinguished for delivering the highest technical standards of quality and service in a secure and stable working environment. Some 3,555 employees provide clinical and diagnostic services through some 32 networked centers throughout the country. Megasalud’s clinical management model has made a significant impact on Chile’s public and private insurance systems, and therefore in the lives of Chilean citizens. In the four years since adopting the BSC, return on equity more than doubled, patient satisfaction increased 45%, and average patient waiting time was reduced 53%. “Ours was a company with a lot of problems in 2003, including financial losses,” observes General Manager Marcelo Maira. “The Balanced Scorecard helped turn us around. The strategy map provided a powerful tool to communicate an entirely new strategy, align the organization, establish a common language to manage and measure performance, and to share what works across a geographically far-flung network. The approach has clearly impacted our results.” Megasalud has proved that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and for the citizens of Chile, healthy smiles.