North Delhi Power Ltd.
Announcement Excerpt:

North Delhi Power Ltd. (NDPL), a power distribution company that is a joint venture of TATA Power and the Delhi government, used the Balanced Scorecard as a tool to transform itself from an ailing, government-owned utility to a consumer centric entity with a performance-driven culture. The transformation earned NDPL management and its 3,800 employees the coveted Edison Award and the Prime Minister’s Award for Meritorious Performance. In the last five years revenues grew from $275M to $600M, operating margins went up from 8% to 20%, and customer complaints were reduced by nearly 50% in the last two years. The reliability and quality of electrical supply was improved, and customer and employee satisfaction went up 8 basis points (12%) and 5 basis points (8%) respectively. “The BSC is the strongest tool I’ve ever seen and used to align people in the organization to strategic objectives,” according to Sunil Wadhwa, CEO. “The BSC makes everyone know what he does and why he does what he does, what to measure and why we do measure what we measure. It also clearly links the progress on measures (lead measures) to the outcomes (lag measures), and help us optimize data to improve our decision making.”