TNT Express Services (UK and Ireland)
Industry:Transportation and Warehousing
Country:United Kingdom
Announcement Excerpt:

TNT Express Services UK and Ireland—part of Amsterdam-based giant TNT—is a $1.2 billion provider of on-demand delivery of parcels and freight. Rate and margin pressures, flat customer satisfaction rates, and the need to improve workforce skills led to the adoption of the BSC in 2007 and an Office of Strategy Management to make execution a core competency. Since adopting the BSC, and in the face of a significant economic downturn, market share has grown 14%, and customer loyalty, 34%. Return on sales were up 5.8% in 2009, compared with 3.88% for FedEx and .32% for UPS (2008). Revenue per parcel was $8.15 vs. a market average of $6.36. Customers’ technology interface use has grown 24%; employee retention, 66%. And on-time delivery, already high, increased 5%. “Our strategy map articulates the journey to become a strategy-focused organization, and has become part of the way that we work, telling us what we need to do, how we need to do it, and by when,” says Stuart Stobie, TNT divisional managing director. “Theme team owners are accountable for each part of the strategy, enabling collaboration across the whole business, and ensuring that our business strategies are aligned to an ever changing market.” From delivering packages to delivering results, TNT delivers.