Thai Carbon Black
Announcement Excerpt:

Thai Carbon Black Public Co., Ltd. (TCB) is part of the Aditya Birla Group, a leading industrial house from India, operating in 12 countries and 40 manufacturing units with 72,000 employees working worldwide. The group has an asset base of USD $6 billion. Thai Carbon Black began using the Balanced Scorecard to link objectives, initiatives, and metrics to the strategy, and deploy it to every level of the organization. Notes CEO S. Srinivasan, "Today our BSC program includes linkages to our aggressive growth plans to retain the position of being the 'world's largest carbon black plant at a single location,' our market rationalization, new product development, financial budgeting, employee development and compensation system, technology initiatives, and even our community initiatives and social development programs. Since its initiation in 2001, our results have been excellent: Profitability ratios are robust and better than [our competitors], return on assets is up, and assets are growing consistently."