The shift by developed country governments toward treating climate change and environmental degradation as a pressing and actionable threat is unquestionably positive. A key pillar of that effort is trade policy, and specifically border measures designed to prevent polluting industries from simply shifting or scaling up in jurisdictions where the carbon and environmental protection regimes are weaker or non-existent.

However, in the midst of reindustrialisation efforts, there's been an increase in anxiety among developing countries about green protectionism, thoughtless execution, and regulatory capture by special interests. The debate about where and how to intervene in the free market to further sustainability objectives is critical, and businesses, activists and public officials need an understanding of both the objectives of developing countries and the potential impact on developing ones if they are to effectively predict and shape policy.

What to Expect from the Event: 

  • Join us at Palladium's new London Office for a lively panel discussion with insights from trade experts from FCDO, Boston Consulting Group, and the Geneva Trade Platform
  • Networking opportunities with other experts, practitioners, and policymakers working in the nexus of trade, protectionism, sustainability, and economic development.

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