Staff Writer l Palladium - Nov 23 2016
Fishing Boats are a Quick Fix in Fiji

Eight months after Tropical Cyclone Winston hit Fiji, families are still living in tents while continuing to battle heavy rains and winds in the current cyclone season. Palladium’s Let’s Make It Possible platform has supported FRIEND, a Fijian non-profit, through the Humanitarian Relief Fund to provide families with fishing boats. These families live in and around the communities of Nayavutoka, Verevere, and Burewei – the same communities where Palladium’s Australian Government-funded Access to Quality Education Program (AQEP) is helping children attend school.

In coastal towns like these, a fishing boat is a family’s livelihood. Many who are reliant on fishing lost their boats during the cyclone, and replacing them is a quick option to help them earn some income – an especially pressing need.

“Communities affected by Cyclone Winston in declared ground zero coastal communities urgently need livelihood options to help them rebuild,” says Director of FRIEND, Sashi Kiran. “Communities urgently need fishing boats that could take them to reefs for fishing for their livelihood and rebuilding efforts. FRIEND is extremely grateful that Palladium has come forward to assist these communities.”

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