Staff Writer l Palladium - Feb 21 2022
Founding Member Palladium Participates in Launching CREED: Coalition for Racial and Ethnic Equity in Development

In April 2021, leaders from over twenty large, medium, and small for-profit and not-for-profit US-based organisations working in international development and humanitarian assistance came together to create CREED, the Coalition for Racial and Ethnic Equity in Development. These organisations have one important thing in common: their commitment to building racial and ethnic equity (REE) within international development.

This week, CREED is officially launching with an online event and a call to action for international development and humanitarian assistance organisations to commit to signing the CREED REE pledge. The event will feature dignitaries, senior leaders, congresswomen, USAID representatives, and CREED’s Founder and Chair, Palladium Senior Advisor Indira Ahluwalia.

“I’m really calling this a watershed moment,” says Ahluwalia. “Our sector is ready to coalesce around this longstanding issue and take action.”

The REE pledge documents members’ commitment, action, and accountability for achieving racial and ethnic equity in both the development and humanitarian sector and specifically within members’ organisations.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion is at the heart of both Palladium corporate strategy and programs around the world. Joining CREED only solidifies the organisation’s commitment to tackling equity in all areas in which it works, with Ahluwalia, Palladium Chief Medical Officer Dr. Farley Cleghorn, and Managing Partner Maria Martinkov serving as members of CREED’s Core Team.

“It takes courage to be amongst the first, to take this stand and commit to building racial and ethnic equity in our own organisations,” Ahluwalia shares. “I’m incredibly proud that Palladium is part of the Core Team and a first endorser.”

The 22nd of February launch event will address how the CREED pledge will help the development community to achieve its goals around racial and ethnic equity and discuss how to advance those goals throughout the international development sector.

Save your seat for the launch event, listen to the podcast episode featuring an interview with Indira Ahluwalia, or contact to learn more.